With the philosophy “Functional-First Performance” 7L are committed to designing and developing the world’s most technically advanced and intelligent garments on the planet. Inspired by the US Military Generation III ECWCS (Extended Climate Weather Clothing System) our mission is to fuse fashion with function and performance with style for the modernist consumer.
 Our System (s) or seasonal collections, can be broken down into 7 Layers of clothing, consisting as standard, 12 components which perform differently in variable weather conditions. The 7 Layer System consists of Base Layers, Mid Layers, Thermal Layers through to Operational Field, Wind, Rain and Extreme Cold.
 Devoted to ‘Layering the Global Nomadic Itinerant in Style’, an ethos born from the concept '7 Layers for 7 Continents' we are committed to developing and delivering garments of the future that manage to maintain a functional, protective and timeless fashionable aesthetic, that lasts the wearer a lifetime.